I'm Humphrey, an online marketing strategist and programmer. I have been working online for 10+ years. I have been involved in I.T. since the 6th grade when they put those big screens in front of us and taught us how to write our names on the screen (I thought it was magic).

After 10+ years of building and creating, I am pleased to offer the services of SkillfulSEO. SkillfulSEO is a data analytics and interpretation company that helps entrepreneurs and local service providers automate business processes, uncover new sources of leads and convert more visitors into customers. SkillfulSEO provides its clients with the tools they need to track, automate and grow their business.

I use data to help my clients get a deeper look into their business. I help identify their business objectives, what their business can be and how to achieve their full potential. 

- Data is knowledge, and knowledge is power -


>>> Advanced Google Analytics certified - Completion ID: 20939876

>>> Keyword research and discovery. Keyword tool(s) usage

>>> Schema Markup

>>> Working with web languages and technology - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, API's

>>> Working knowledge of page layout - Javascript, HTML Markups, alt text and title tagging

>>> Technical page issues - HTTPS Security, Indexing, XML Sitemaps, Robots, Meta Robots, Slow Page Speed, Multiple Page Versions

>>> Analytics with Python (Advanced Python coding)

>>> Web Scraping


It's no secret that getting a high ranking on search engines will make your business more money.

An SEO consultant is an SEO professional who uses web marketing, web analytics, content strategy planning, link building, and keyword strategy to improve website content, user experience, performance, ranking, and companies' and individuals' overall web presence.

More than twenty thousand new websites come online every day, making ranking on top harder and harder. Your site needs attention from a professional SEO consultant. 

I have been helping websites rank on page one for over 6 years. Contact me, and let's work together to create another success story.


- "To help companies find their way in the online world."

SkillfulSEO is a technology company that specializes in business growth through digital marketing for professional service providers. We are dedicated to helping professional service providers realize their full potential. We help uncover markets that may not have been so clear to them. We also educate on tools and technologies that will help in their business processes. 


- "To be a go-to resource for  online business growth and technology implementation for professional service providers."

Building websites and doing SEO for professional service providers over the years has helped me to realize the vast amount of administration a professional service provider has to do. We are helping service providers build their technology stack to automate many business processes so they can get back to what they do: providing clients with high-quality products or services!


Humphrey has worked with Accounting for Law for over six years as our on-call I.T. person, digital marketer and SEO expert. He is highly skilled at I.T., Digital Marketing, with a strong emphasis on SEO. In this capacity, Humphrey diligently found approaches and strategies to enhance our online presence, which continually placed our company website in the top position on Google and Bing. The result of this exposure greatly assisted in our exponential growth.

Jacques Tjonasan, President and Founder, Accounting for Law Inc.

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