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Freelance digital marketer and programmer 

I'm Humphrey Hill a freelance digital marketer , web developer, programmer, and overall tech guy. I have always been that go to tech guy in my circle of friends. I have been developing full-time on the web since 2013. 


​I offer an opportunity for small to medium-sized companies, and individuals to leverage big data to get a 360 view of their business or brand. Using data to improve online customer engagement as well as your digital marketing campaigns will save you valuable time and money. My web development is based on data. I use data to get you the results you require.

The services I offer all revolve around data analytics. I have started using data in all aspects of my life; my health, my finances, my personal and professional relationships... Data is being used by governments and large corporations to solve many problems. The analysis that once took months maybe even years can now be done in the “blink of an eye”. Decisions can be made with a complete overview of your brand/enterprise. Actions can be automated saving you time and money.

​I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their online goals. In order for me to provide the best possible service as an individual digital marketer I limit myself to only a few clients at a time. I like to establish long-term relationships with my clients.

If you are looking for a digital marketer and an over all tech guy to get personally involved in the growth and success of your business then you have come to the right place.

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- Accelerating your business growth

- Digital marketing

- Search engine optimization

- Conversion rate optimization

- Google Ads / PPC

- Facebook advertising

- YouTube marketing

- E-commerce

- Email marketing

- Smart advertising & marketing

- Digital transformation

- Web development

- Website optimization

- Data analytics

- Web scraping

- Text mining

- Python programming

- JavaScript programming

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