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We create data-driven websites

What We Have To Offer

If you have decided to improve your online presence or create a new presence then you have made the right decision. 

What we are offering is to become a partner in your online business. We will use our knowledge, continued research and education to provide you with a full-service, committed, knowledgeable partner.

A Partnership For Growth

We provide the know-how and the research to help you create a successful online presence.

With a well-crafted and data-driven online presence, you will see increased traffic, which will lead to increased sales.

A Little More About Us

We have 4 successful campaigns under our belt. We currently have 4 websites ranked on page one of Google for highly rewarding search terms.

We have taken a client from --  "a hand full of clients" in one metropolitan area to over 400 clients throughout their country.

We have Google analytics certified professionals, programmers and designers working with us.

Professionalism Is The Key

If you have decided to improve your online presence or create a new presence then you have made the right decision. 

What we are offering is to become a partner of your business. We will use our years of experiences and continued research and education to provide you with a full-service digital partner.

Our Core Values

We are your teammate.

We believe in committed long term relationships

We constantly educate, inform and improve 

We let data tell the story

Your business is our business; "you win, we win, we all win" -- A friend in college

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” – by Yoko Ono

I believe form and function go hand-in-hand when it comes to coding. No matter what service you need, I have the skills and ability to take care of your specific request. Contact me to find out more about what I can offer you.

I’m Humphrey Wix expert, online marketing strategist, and programmer. I have been working online for 10+ years. I have been involved in I.T. since the 6th grade; when they put those big screens in front of use and taught us how to write our names on the screen (I thought it was magic).

Yeah, I studied Information Systems at University; I’m one of those nuts that thinks coding and figuring out things is fun ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯. But I like to build on Wix; it’s like having an entire development team working for you. 

We can get the structure up in a relatively short amount of time (with no coding) compared to other methods of building websites. More time can be spent on creating useful content and building functionality.

My specialty is using data and A.I. to figure out what content and functionality will help get you a constant stream of leads and sales. That’s another reason I love Wix; they use a lot of A.I. to help you succeed on their platform.

I was a network technician before I started working online. A friend of mine came to me in 2012 for help. He had started a service business in 2000 with a “hand full of clients." I had just added online marketing to my portfolio and taking online digital marketing courses at that time, so I was grateful for the opportunity to learn and earn.

I now have a few certifications under my belt and a few successful campaigns. And my friend 8 years later, he has one of the most successful firms in his industry, in Ontario, providing his services to over 400 clients Across Canada.


I am here to help you do the same.



Brampton, Ontario, Canada




Dowling College (Long Island, New York, USA),

Sheridan College (Oakville, Canada),

University of Guelph (Guelph, Canada)

An Investment In Success

The world is going through major changes that seem to be accelerating, but throughout all this uncertainty one thing has remained consistent, and that is the growth of the internet.

Success on the internet is not guaranteed, but with the right digital marketing plan, tracking and acting upon your data will tremendously increase your chances of success.

We are here to aid you to craft a winning digital marketing plan and to track that the data that matters to your business

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  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Google Ads / PPC

  • Facebook advertising

  • YouTube marketing

  • E-commerce

  • Email marketing

  • Smart advertising & marketing

  • Digital transformation

  • Web development

  • Website optimization

  • Data analytics

  • Web scraping

  • Text mining

  • Python programming

  • JavaScript programming


  • Web Development

  • Digital marketing

  • Programming

  • Accelerating your business growth


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