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Data Solutions For Professional Service Providers

Digital marketing, document scraping, web scraping. 

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We know how valuable data is to your business. We are also professional service providers. We help your business by collecting marketing data, research data, and just about any other kind of data, and we show you how to apply that data or apply it for you. It's your choice.

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A Winning Process for Lead Generation

Through web development, data analytics,  programming, creativity, and a little forensic work, we craft a winning process to help build digital and sales strategies to help professionals educate visitors and win leads.


Our services are ideal for busy service professionals who are ready to take their business to the next level. Create a modern data-powered business.

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Regular reporting on progress and results

Web and document scraping for keywords and sentiment

24/7/365 monitoring of the internet for information that could impact your business

Trend research

NLP of documents

Focused attention on what we do best

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Let us get your web presence set up for success

If you don't have a website, we will work with you to get your new website online.

Once you are online, we set up your analytics account(s) for you.

You can create your own account(s) and have us manage it for you, or you can have us set you up under ower account and save you the headache.

Now that your online and have your SEO and analytics setup, what's next?

Optimization,  optimize your local SEO. 

Optimize for search engines to help you reach near or far.


We start the analytics right from the go, but this is where we really turn things up

Analyze your online competitors, offline competitors, and future competitors.


We use data to find what makes them so good. What is their growth strategy?


We continue to analyze your market, current trends, future trends, blog post, social media content. 


We consume content for you and use data to give it back to you in a format that you can use to take action.


We help you analyze the new data you are now collecting from your own web presence with monthly reports.

A low-cost way to collect data and quickly test different methods of providing beneficial information

With all the knowledge we now have about your market and customer's needs, why not do Ads?


Ads are a low-cost way to collect data and quickly test different methods of helping your customers.


With properly setup Ads, you can easily control your spending and track each Ad's success or failure.


It's another great way of segmenting customers based on needs and where they are in their journey towards purchase.


Find great content to help your customers understand your products or service's benefits

As our data sets grow, we can find what content and delivery methods help your customers understand your service's benefits.


We will know what needs to be improved.


We can easily segment your new audience into demographics, their needs, and where they are in their journey towards working with you.



Design and Development

We collect data from similar sites and competitors and use a step by step process to find the most effective page design to match your service(s), client persona, and business objectives.


We take a forensic approach to determine when and how potential clients want to be reached. We collect and analyze data. We formulate hypotheses and test and analyze our conclusions with our data. We throw out or fix what doesn't work and do more of what does work.

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Analytics and Tracking

We help you get up and running with your analytic(s) accounts. We will help you to identify what's worth measuring and how to measure it properly.

Customer Acquisition

We continually collect data to find what's working and what's not working on each of your marketing channels. We use this information to improve our marketing efforts, and we rinse and repeat. 

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Identify the Right Channels

We'll use data to help you identify the right objectives, the ideal client persona; We'll help you identify channels best suited for your company. We help launch and scale your channel(s). We help with ad creation and content ideas and how to craft the right message on your channels.

Interact With Customers

We'll use data to find the right channels to display your companies core values and create an informative and helpful user experience to engage your customers.