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Generate Random Contest Winners from YouTube Comments with Our Easy-to-Use Tool

Easily select contest winners from YouTube video comments with just a few clicks

Enter your YouTube URL in the text box below and click the 'Generate' button to get a random comment from the video's comments.

Are you tired of manually scrolling through hundreds of comments on your YouTube videos, trying to pick a random winner for your contests? Our new YouTube Comment Picker Tool is here to help. It allows you to quickly and efficiently select a winner from the comments section of any YouTube video with just a few clicks.


The tool is easy to use and requires no technical expertise. Simply input the video URL, and the tool automatically retrieves a random commenter from the video. 

In addition to being an excellent tool for picking contest winners on YouTube channels, the Comment Picker tool can also be used for:

  • Randomly selecting participants for a giveaway

  • Picking questions for a Q&A video

  • Randomly choosing a comment for a shoutout

This tool saves hours and makes your contests more fair and fun for your viewers. 

Give it a try today!

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