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4 Ways to Improve Your Law Firm Website

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

It's no secret that a successful law firm depends on more than just quality legal services. A website that looks cutting edge and professional can be the difference between a potential client choosing your firm or going elsewhere. While design trends come and go, you can make some basic improvements to your website that will always be in style. Here are four tips for giving your law firm website an upgrade.

Lawyers looking for ways to improve their website should take a holistic approach, addressing all aspects of the site rather than just one or two elements. Focusing on design, copy, SEO, and user experience will result in the most effective website improvement strategy. Improving just one aspect without considering the others can hurt the site as a whole. Lawyers looking to make changes to their website should carefully consider all of the different factors involved before making any decisions. You can optimize your website for users and search engines alike by taking a holistic approach.

So let's look at the 4 ways to improve your website.

1) Streamline Your Navigation Menu: You can’t keep users around if you don't make it easy to find the information they want. They may leave your site and go elsewhere. Visitors should be able to quickly find what they're looking for without having to search through complex menus or pages. Make sure your main menu items are easy to identify and use clear, concise labels.

2) Use Responsive Design: Make it easy to navigate and browse your site on all screen sizes.

• Good text size

• Image size is compressed

• Buttons are easy to press but don’t affect scrolling

• Fast loading

3) Design for User Experience: When designing for user experience, first think of the three stages of the buying cycle:

  • Initial research about legal issues

  • Choosing between their options

  • Decision Time

To prepare for each stage of the journey, you need to create a portal and a marketing plan that nurtures and guides potential clients along the customer journey.

4) Use your website for two-way communication: Live chat, schedule consultation, Data collection, Blogging (Not only about yourself), click-to-call

  • Secure client portal: day-to-day communication so that lawyers and clients no longer have to rely on “snail mail,” constant telephone calls, or strings of email messages to convey critical information, schedule meetings or court dates, report on case status, collaborate on or share documents, or bill clients and get paid

  • Client email alerts, email newsletters

  • Video

  • Analytics Data, Web Analytics

  • Instant messaging


You can no longer have a website; you need to create an engaging client portal to engage with potential and existing clients. A virtual means to connect with potential clients, referral sources, and existing clients, it’s a much better way to engage with those audiences.

To further engage potential clients and referral sources and improve marketing, networking, career development, and client development efforts, Law firms can now offer visitors more content-rich and multimedia elements, such as video. This allows them to engage with their clients in a way that was never possible by simply looking at the website alone.

Law firms can also provide robust communication options through interactive tools or services on your site.

Law Firms can also provide other incentives for those interested, including free consultation offers if you sign up on our email list!

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