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How to Recruit the Best Sales and Marketing Professionals for Your Business

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

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With customers becoming increasingly aware of their purchase decisions, having an excellent product in itself is no longer enough to generate revenue. Sales and Marketing undertake the challenge of connecting the dots for customers regarding how your product solves an underlying problem they face and why you are the better choice compared to competitors.

This article by SkillfulSEO provides you with an in-depth guide about how to hire the best sales and marketing professionals for your business.

Hiring Criteria

An impressive resume and experience in the field are basic requirements for any position. But when it comes to hiring sales professionals, look for the following skills:

Sharp-Witted: Anyone can read a script, however, an excellent salesperson can think on their feet and adapt to challenging situations. When dealing with high-priority clients, having a salesperson who can improvise and answer challenging questions with ease will bring your business great success.

Persistence: As reported by Close, 80% of prospects require five follow-ups to make a sale. For an inexperienced salesperson, hearing no can be demoralizing. But those at the top of their game understand how to deal with rejection and still keep a lead warm.

Composure: When dealing with tight deadlines and lofty targets, you need individuals you can rely on to work through the pressure, use it as motivation rather than crumbling under its burden.

As for marketing professionals, keep the following skills in mind:

Creativity: Anyone can design a post using an online creator, the real challenge is in seamlessly connecting your design, brand messaging, and social strategy to stand out from the competition and not fall prey to repurposing repetitive content.

Analytical: When working on tight budgets, you need an individual who has a strong grasp of marketing metrics such as views, impressions, cost-per-click, etc. Look for proficiency in programs such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Salesforce.

Agility: Digital trends change every week, and top marketing professionals find a way to leverage these and be the first movers into the space. This involves getting listed on new social media platforms, pivoting from text to video-based content, etc.

Who to Hire

Now that you have a strong grasp on what to look for, here are a few professionals you should look to hire for your business:

Video Editor: As reported by Think with Google, watch time for video content in Canada has grown by 45%, pointing to a shift in consumer behavior from static content. As creating engaging video content for your website and YouTube can tremendously increase brand awareness and sales, hiring video editing services should be a top priority.

SEO Specialist: If you’re looking to increase website traffic, build brand authority and improve conversions, investment in SEO is crucial. Experts such as SkillfulSEO, combine industry knowledge with the best data analytic practices to rank your website higher on search engines and increase visibility.

Business Development Manager: These professionals oversee a gamut of responsibilities such as cold-calling, creating collaborations with organizations and influencers, nurturing relationships with key clients, and more. In addition, they also supervise collaboration between sales and marketing teams to ensure projects stay on track and goals are met.

How to Hire

if budgets are tight, consider hiring freelancers through online job portals on a per-project basis, as it will significantly reduce costs and provide flexibility.

However, for a long-term project requiring a specific skillset, hiring a full-time employee is your best bet. Having an in-house professional allows you complete supervision and control over your

responsibilities and ensures key objectives are met in time. But prepare to incur higher recruiting and training costs.

If you are unsure about onboarding someone full-time, hiring them as a freelancer first can serve as a good screening exercise. In addition, it allows the individual time to familiarize themselves with your company values and culture leading to a smooth transition in the future.

The key to hiring the best sales and marketing professionals for your business is to be clear in your requirements and then work towards finding individuals with the skill and expertise to take your business to the next level.

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