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The How and Why of Digital Marketing

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

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Do you want to learn how to increase your referrals and reduce time spent with client engagement? Then you should be using digital marketing. Simply put digital marketing is marketing on electronic devices or the internet.

In 2012 I started programming again after a long time away from programming. A few months into my relearning programming a friend of mine came to me and told me he had a website that he had been doing SEO on for 2 years with no results. He asked if I would take up the challenge. I immediately agreed. I knew It would also be a great opportunity for me to learn how to market myself.

At this time, he had a shared office space with a hand-full of clients. After a couple of months of competitor analysis and research, I started initiating a digital marketing plan. Fast forward 6 years later I now have a good grasp of the tools, skills and the creativity it requires to initiate an effective digital marketing campaign. And, oh, by the way, my friend now has 5 offices and much more than a hand-full of clients.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

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Easier to reach a larger audience – As of the fourth quarter of 2017 Facebook had 19 million users in Canada, a 75 percent reach among Canadian internet users. -

Google has over 100 billion searches a month and over half of them come from mobile. -

Be in multiple places at the same time - Engaging clients and potential clients can now be done through video’s, a helpful website, an engaging social media presence that can be accessed 24/7.

14 Ideas You May Use Right Now for Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy

1. A Strategy to Dominate Google with Multiple Listings on Page 1 of Search Results

  • Google gets over 100 billion searches per month ( The first page of Google gets 91.5% of search traffic

  • Keep up with Google search algorithm changes

2. Strategize to Maximize ROI from Google AdWords & Remarketing

  • Through A.I. Google and Facebook have given marketers the ability to use their data and their A.I. to create a smart marketing campaign to target the best possible leads and to reach them when and how they want to be reached, increasing your ROI.

3. A Powerful Presence in Multiple Search Engines, YouTube and Social Media

  • Being active on the web is a must.

4. Positive Reviews in Google+ Local, Yelp, Facebook, Website(s)

  • Ask your clients for reviews

  • Let the world know about your successes

5. Customized web experience with your product or service

  • Help potential clients throughout the entire sales funnel

  • Provide the right information at the right time

6. An Effective Mobile Friendly Responsive Web Design

  • More than half of Google’s 100 billion monthly searches come from mobile

  • Local mobile conversions:

  1. Phone calls

  2. Driving Directions

  3. Online Appointments

  4. Email Signups

7. Create helpful information. (eBooks, Blog post, Helpful website, Articles)

  • Contribute to blogs and articles

  • Provide helpful information to your potential clients

8. Speaking engagements

  • We are living in an ever-increasing digital world. A face to face is nice sometimes.

9. A Strategic System for Follow Up Via Email & SMS Text Marketing

  • Client engagement is key. Referrals are still the best way to get clients

  • Ask your current clients for referrals

  • Have a client relationship management strategy

  • Encourage and make it easy for your clients to share your information

10. Be active in your community

  • It never hurts to give a helping hand

11. Leverage other lawyers’ websites

  • If you know other lawyers in another field, ask them if you can have a link somewhere on their website.

12. Stay active

  • let people you come across in your everyday life know what you do. Don’t be shy.

13. Collect data on your marketing efforts

  • Website data, Facebook data, search data, Ads data, track how many clients you meet randomly, ask clients how they found you

  • The internet has made asking for – and receiving – feedback much easier online surveys, research reports, email questionnaires…

  • An increasing amount of data as your web presence grows to make your application smarter

  • If you can’t measure it you could be wasting a lot of time and money

14. Do more of what works, do less or get rid of what doesn’t work

Contact me and let's talk about how I can help you automate your law firm's marketing

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