Web Development

Wix, WordPress, Shopify? Whether custom website, Shopify eCommerce store setup, quick fixes, or new build on your favorite website builder.

I can help you get online.

Search Engine Optimization

Analysis of your website data. Finding the right keywords, terms and or phrases you should be targeting, link building. Making sure your website is optimized for search engine web crawlers... Generating leads to aid in your business growth.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Track where potential clients are dropping off of the sales channel. Improved and customized sales funnel. Timing optimization. Integrated marketing campaigns. 

Help you convert more leads. 

Data Analytics

I can help in the setup and configuration of A.I. powered advertisement and marketing applications.
Once your data has been collected, I can help you discover useful information and make informed decisions saving you time and money.

Data Mining

Whether it's an API, public website, your own private site or you want to create your own data. I can help you create, collect, inspect, transform and model the data. I will help you uncover ways to use the data in a productive and profitable way.

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  • shopify

  • Wix

  • WordPress

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript​

  • Python

  • Firebase

  • MySQL​


  • Python

  • Search Engine Analytics

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Integrated Marketing Solutions


  • Python

  • API's

  • Web Scraping

  • Text Mining 

  • Database 

  • Penetration testing



The best eCommerce platform. Sell online, brick and mortar or from a kiosk. Easily add products.

A bit of a learning curve but you don’t need to get into the nuts and bolts you can hire someone like me for that.

Once your set up, just add products, manage your products, your sales and your marketing. I can also help you with that.

Shopify has great marketing material, technology and support to help you succeed on their platform.


Highly customizable, drag and drop, SEO out the box. Much lower learning curve then most Web Builders. My favorite of all the site builders I have used.


Excellent support, lots of third-party apps that don’t need to be managed with updates and security issues. Once your setup you only need to manage your business.


Changes are easy to make without having to worry about breaking anything. Restoring if any problems arise is a breeze (maybe a few minutes).


Most popular CRM Over 28% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. Wide variety of Wordpress developers exist all over the world.

Need One Of Them? 

I also offer training on any of the platforms

- Accelerating your business growth

- Digital marketing

- Search engine optimization

- Conversion rate optimization

- Google Ads / PPC

- Facebook advertising

- YouTube marketing

- E-commerce

- Email marketing

- Smart advertising & marketing

- Digital transformation

- Web development

- Website optimization

- Data analytics

- Web scraping

- Text mining

- Python programming

- JavaScript programming

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